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the Biggest plastic industry in middle east

The Biodegradable and High Quality Plastic products 

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Over 7000+ tons of yearly Annual productions.

+40 Years of Exprience

The products of Pilgon Company earned by over 40 years of productions and we warranty the quality of products.

+100 Product varienty

We provide high volume of products those made by company or requested by another companies.

+40 Sales Active Branch

We are proud to announce we have over 40 Branches in Iran and We already have foreign active branches.

Learn about us?

The main history behind Pilgon.

Before the official registration of Zarrin Plastic Nilgoon Company, Hamzah Plastic Workshop was established in Tehran province in 1981. After obtaining the necessary permits, the workshop had a production capacity of 1000 per year. The owner, Mr. Abolfazl Hamzah, was a committed entrepreneur with a great attitude towards the future of the plastic industry.
In 1995, in order to develop and improve the business, the workshop moved to Eshtehard Industrial Town and changed its brand name to “Pil”. The workshop was established in an area of 2500 meters with the target of creating new job opportunities and helping the country’s industry purposes. This is how the production of all kinds of plastic products began.

Best Production Machines

With the fastest and best production machines in the world, we are able to create all types of plastic products such as freezer bags, nylons, disposable tablecloths, and more.

Largest producer of Plastic Products in Iran

Zarrin Plastic Nilgoon Company is the best plastic brand in the industry of Iran and has an important part in Iranian people’s shopping baskets as the best brand in plastic production.

Our Mission

At that time, the main mission of the company was to be the main leader of the plastic market and have our products present in all moments of people’s lives as a pioneer in the plastic production industry.

Specialists and Experts

The specialized and experienced staff of the facility, along with up-to-date hardware and software and consistent methods, use the manager and owner’s vision of Mr. Abolfazl Hamzah’s valuable experiences to successfully pass international standards.


the Certificates those earned by Pilgon